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Great Dog Apps to try out

January 4 2017 , Written by John Don

Have you ever needed to know whether it's alright that your dog just ate the guacamole off the counter? Then again perhaps it's 4am and your dog is hurling — was it the guacomole?! — and you wish you could speak to a vet ASAP. Like everything else these...

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Some hard dog breeds to train

December 8 2016 , Written by John Don

Dog are undoubtfully man's best companion. They are family well disposed, steadfast, and minding pets. Notwithstanding we have domesticated and socialized most of the dogs, there are some species that will still give you trouble training them. Without...

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Dog's body language: 4 Important Factors to be aware of

November 18 2016 , Written by John Don Published on #dog body language, #dog training tips, #teach your dog

You've heard the expression "to bear everything to all onlookers." It means that someone lets their emotions be known without really telling anybody how they feel. Dogs are in a constant state of wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Pups are incredible...

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