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Great Dog Apps to try out

January 4 2017 , Written by John Don

Have you ever needed to know whether it's alright that your dog just ate the guacamole off the counter? Then again perhaps it's 4am and your dog is hurling — was it the guacomole?! — and you wish you could speak to a vet ASAP. Like everything else these days, there's an application for that – and a wide range of useful pup-related things. These are great dog training apps you require on your smartphone at this moment! 

1. Because you have to train your puppy (or your grown-up dog gets somewhat rusty) there's… 

iClickeriClicker-Free Dog Training Clicker 

Value: Free 

Why You Need It: Clicker training! It's a thing! Yes, you can purchase genuine clickers, however this is FREE and above all, not at all like genuine clickers, this one is impossible to lose. (Unless you, similar to me, can't recollect where you cleared out your pho–oh my god it's in my grasp, then you require an alternate application totally.) 

Android user? Here's a similar application here 

2. Because your pup and the area raccoon got in a tussle there's… 

Pet Red CrossPet First Aid by American Red Cross 

Cost: $0.99 

Why You Need It: At $0.99, it's less expensive than a considerable measure of the other pet first guide apps yet at the same time manages to have every one of the tools you may require in case a crisis strikes. You can find the nearest vet hospital, figure out how to treat everything from hypersensitive reactions to dying, and discover what's just ordinary, insane, puppy conduct. 

Connect for Android users 

3. Because you have to converse with a trainer about how to use that iClicker there's… 

petcoachPet Coach 

Value: Free 

Why You Need It: This application lets you converse with a vet, pet trainer, or whatever other pet professional you may need to converse with, anyplace, whenever. Is your pup looking tubby? Send a pet nutritionist a photo to see whether you have to get him onto an eating regimen pronto. Also did I say this application is free? It's free. 

Connect for Android users 

4. Because you have to outline dog walk there's… 

Delineate Dog WalkMapMyDogWalk 

Value: Free 

Why You Need It: I used the MapMyRun application while strolling my dog and clowning that they should make a MapMyDogWalk application (Don't stress. My dog didn't think it was entertaining either), and turns out it's a genuine article! It's an extraordinary approach to monitor how much exercise your dog is truly getting, in spite of the fact that don't be as mooched as I was the point at which your "long walk" turns out to just be a mile and a half. 

Connect for Android users 

5. Because you need to discover someone else to walk your dog for you there's… 


Value: Free 

Why You Need It: This application lets you locate an ensured and trained dog walker in your general vicinity, schedule those dog walks, and pay through the application. You can even watch the course the dog walker takes your pup on! Responsibility, and an approach to ensure the dog gets strolled? Sounds quite great. You can also select dog walkers based altogether off their photo, which is presumably precisely what I would do. 

6. Because your photo encourage contains mostly pictures of your dog there's… 


Value: Free 

Why You Need It: If you're similar to me and you can't show anybody your photo encourage because it contains pictures of your dog, selfies with your dog, and after that more photos of your dog, you require this correct at this point. This application has a capacity that gets your beautiful pup all livened up and really taking a gander at the camera! On the off chance that that is not sufficiently noteworthy, you can also add fun stickers to your photo, include doggone delightful filters with names like "vintage pup", and more cool things! 

7. Because your dog became ill of every one of those selfies and fled there's… 


Value: Free for the application, tracker and month to month subscription is additional 

Why You Need It: all together for this application to be of any use you need to purchase the tracker ($99.95) annnnd pay a month to month subscription charge. Be that as it may, if your canine is a runner this seems staggeringly beneficial. You get a ready when your dog leaves the house and can track your dog continuously as they cut loose around the area. 

Connect for Android users 

8. Because your dog likes to eat things that might possibly be palatable 

iKibble FreeiKibble Free 

Value: Free 

Why You Need It: Questioning the edibility of whatever your dog just ate off the floor? Just whip out the iKibble, look into what she ate, and discover just how sound it truly is for her. 

9. Because you've always thought Tinder would be better if there were genuine, adoptable, dogs required instead of dateable hoomans there's… 


Value: Free 

Why You Need It: He's smiley, somewhat bristly, and truly can hardly wait to run home with you, and no it isn't so much that unusual person who just asked you on the off chance that it hurt when you tumbled from paradise… it's a cushioned puppy! BarkBuddy lets you discover single puppies close you who require a decent home. Browse through thousands of pup profiles and discover your pawfect coordinate. Furthermore, it's ridiculously, charmingly, addicting! 

10. Because you can't take your pup in the midst of a furlough there's… 


Value: Free 

Why You Need It: "Who will watch the dog?" is always a gigantic conversation in my house. Presently you never need to stress over tossing your dog in a pet hotel again! DogVacay allows you to locate your ideal pup sitter who will then send every day pupdates all through your get-away.


For more great dog training info visit this link.

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Some hard dog breeds to train

December 8 2016 , Written by John Don

Dog are undoubtfully man's best companion. They are family well disposed, steadfast, and minding pets. 

Notwithstanding we have domesticated and socialized most of the dogs, there are some species that will still give you trouble training them. 

Without further a due, here is a list of hardest dog breeds to train

1. Chow 

On the off chance that there was ever a puffy dog breed, it would be the Chow. 

In any case, regardless of how charming or teddy bear-like these dogs may look, training them to act appropriately can get truly difficult. 

Chow's primary problems are his stubbornness and predominance. 

They are exceptionally sensitive, which means they will regularly be disobedient, jealous, and consideration seeking. It's also similar to them to be aggressive at times. 

2. Bullmastiff 

We can say a considerable measure of things about the Bullmastiff, yet guaranteeing that this breed is week isn't one of these things. 

The Bullmastiff is ready to weigh up to 130 pounds, which when added to his massive size gives an enormous dog. 

In spite of the fact that this breed is usually benevolent and good natured, there have been times where a Bullmastiff would overpower and even harm his proprietor because of how enormous he is. 

Another issue with Bullmastiffs is their dribble. These dogs are known for excessive salivation, which can be a genuine issue in case you're living in a condo. 

3. Alaskan Malamute 

The Alaskan malamute is truly steadfast and cherishing dog. It can get to an impressive size and weight, yet that doesn't stop it from being a standout amongst the most neighborly dog breeds on the planet. 

Nonetheless, this breed is a long way from being easy to raise. Thanks to its thick coat, it sheds a lot and is extremely susceptible to warmth damage. 

This means you'll need to invest a great deal of energy into prepping your malamute and ensuring he doesn't overheat. 

4. German Shepherd 

You're most likely considering "Why is the German shepherd on this list when it's even used by the armed force?" 

Indeed, that is because this breed needs to be trained like a soldier with a specific end goal to act appropriately. 

German shepherds are genuinely huge dogs, yet no less enthusiastic than a brilliant retriever. 

Be that as it may, this breed is also known for being perhaps too astute, which regularly leads a German shepherd to assault his proprietor. 

5. Akita 

The Akita is a standout amongst the most wolf-like dog breeds on the planet, while also being one of the smartest and most cherishing, too. 

Be that as it may, getting an Akita puppy to develop into a social dog is not an easy task. 

Similar to the Siberian husky, the Akita is a wonderful dog which requires a ton of time and consideration invested into its training. 

It's not strange for this breed to initiate its seeker instincts, so a leash is mandatory.


For more help regarding dog training, Click here

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Dog's body language: 4 Important Factors to be aware of

November 18 2016 , Written by John Don Published on #dog body language, #dog training tips, #teach your dog

You've heard the expression "to bear everything to all onlookers." It means that someone lets their emotions be known without really telling anybody how they feel. Dogs are in a constant state of wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Pups are incredible because of how simple they can be. They have an extremely instinctual language and as we figure out how to perceive how they impart, we start to better understand what our fuzzy companion is letting us know through dog's body language

There are 4 key mindsets that influence how a dog behaves. They are aggressive, submissive, shy, and energized. 


Tense tail – A tense tail means he is in a state of unrest. While a tense tail that is swaying may mean fun loving conduct, inflexible and high tail positions means steer clear. 

Closed mouth – Much like the body-less tail sway, this shows something is holding his consideration. In the event that that something is another canine, it may escalate to aggressive conduct. 

Raised hair on back of neck – Sometimes dogs play aggressively. The best approach to have the capacity to tell whether he is being fun loving aggressive or irate aggressive is by the hair on his back directly behind the head. In the event that it is raised and stiff, it is a sign of being irate and aggressive. 


Yellow dog laying in grass on backRelaxed tail – Shows he is passive and loose. 

Looks away – Shows trust (especially around individuals) and non-debilitating around animals. 

Exposes Belly – Shows trust and submission. 

Licks lips or nose – A pup will lick his nose to keep it moist for smelling, however it will also do as such when it is nervous or anxious 


Sad dog sad eating out of sustenance bowlTail between legs – A cringing tail is a sign of dread or shame. In the event that he is uncomfortable, he will attempt to make itself seem as small as possible which includes twisting his tail in the middle of his legs. 

Yawns – Yawning is an approach to evacuate inside tension. This conduct could mean a dog is uncomfortable about something. This sort of tentative conduct once in a while leads to aggression. 

Shivering – Shivering or trembling can mean anything from a dog being sick to overpowering 

energy. First, you need to make sense of if the shivering is regular or in the event that it just happens in specific situations. Trembling around specific individuals or objects is a sign of tentative conduct or past injury. 


Dog smiling on sidewalkTail up in air – Generally speaking, the higher the tail points the more energized a dog is. On the off chance that his body is tense, it means he is focusing on something. A high tail while strolling or playing is a sign of happiness. 

Full-body tail sway – If the entire body goes into a tail sway, it is a sure sign of energy. 

Eyes to a great degree open (body moving) – Canines love to show their energy however body cues, additionally with their eyes. Wide-eyes could mean he is excessively energized.

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